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Finding Cheap Life Insurance is Easy

If you've been putting off buying life insurance or increasing the amount of coverage you already have, don't wait any longer! Cheap life insurance is easy to find. In fact, rates have been dropping for the last ten years and are expected to continue dropping throughout 2008, especially for term policies.

How much? Well, ten years ago, a healthy 40-year-old man would have paid $515 for a $500,000, 20-year term policy. Today, that same policy is only $345.

The best way to cash in on the cheapest prices for your life insurance is to comparison shop for a policy through an insurance comparison website (see below). By filling out a simple form, you'll receive quotes from several A-rated insurance companies.

However, before you decide to buy, you should stop and ask yourself a few questions.

Do I Need the Protection of Life Insurance?

Life insurance protects your loved ones and helps ensure their financial security. You may need life insurance if ...

* Anyone depends on your financial support, whether children, a spouse, a business partner, parents, or anyone else

* You want to provide funds to pay off debts, medical bills, funeral expenses, or other financial needs after your death

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

You can talk with an insurance professional on the better insurance comparison websites to get some help deciding how much coverage to buy (see link below). They are not paid by commission, so they have no interest in steering you towards a higher amount than you need.

A good guideline is to buy five to ten times your annual salary.

Should I Buy Term or Whole Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is less expensive because whole life includes an investment component. Just be sure that whatever type of policy you choose, you can afford to keep paying for it in the long term.

Take a few moments now to secure your family's future through the gift of life insurance for yourself.

Where Can I Get Cheap Life Insurance?

Visit http://www.LowerRateQuotes.com/life-insurance.html or click on the following link to get cheap life insurance rate quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more tips and advice in their Articles section, and get answers to your questions from an insurance expert by using their online chat service.

The authors, Brian Stevens and Stacey Schifferdecker, have spent 30 years in the insurance and finance industries, and have written a number of articles on getting cheap life insurance.

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