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How to Get the Best Deal on Car Insurance

It can be a work of art getting cheap car insurance, so if and when we finally manage to stumble upon a good deal we tend to stick with it. However sticking with the same insurance company year after year will probably mean you are paying over the odds. Insurance companies provide a good deal in the beginning to get you to take their policy, and then slowly creep up the premiums each year. Therefore you need to look for a new policy each year instead of just renewing.

One of the main factors that determine how much you will pay for your car insurance is the level of insurance that you take out. In some cases you will have no choice over the level, for instance if you buy a brand new car or a car over a certain amount you would have to take out fully comprehensive insurance. However usually you will be able to choose from third party fire and theft, third party only or fully comprehensive motor insurance.

Third party only is the very cheapest form of vehicle insurance that you can take out. However it does only provide the very basic form of insurance. With a third party policy you would be covered for such as any injury caused to other people and this includes any passengers in the car with you. It would also provide cover if other peoples property should get damaged. This type of insurance could be considered by those who have bought a car very cheaply.

Third party fire and theft usually falls in the middle, price wise. It would provide you with cover for your own car if it was to be stolen or if it was damaged through fire. However if you were involved in an accident it would not pay for repairs to your car, although it would provide for the third party involved in an accident.

Fully comprehensive is the dearest option for motor insurance; however it does provide you with the most cover. A fully comp policy would provide all the cover that third party fire and theft does and much more. If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident you would be allowed to claim on your policy for the repairs to your car. Fully comprehensive also provides cover for medical expenses to you and the third party and it will also cover your personal belongings if they should be stolen or damaged while in the car.

When looking for cheap car insurance you do need to compare several policies with different providers as the contents of the policy do vary considerably. Some providers will add in other things such as some form of basic breakdown cover, you should also check to ensure that the policy would provide you with a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. The easiest way to compare policies is to go with a specialist broker and allow them to shop around on your behalf. You can then compare the cost of the insurance and what the contents include by checking out the key facts.

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