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Single Travel Insurance

Are you leaving the country for a vacation or holiday? Do you travel once a year and want to make sure you have insurance to cover anything that can go wrong. Some travelers will tell you to avoid travel insurance if you have enough money to cover your trip, but in reality something always goes wrong and having travel insurance can be a great help. If your vacation is less than 120 days and you only travel once a year consider purchasing single trip travel insurance and you will be ready in case of that emergency.

Many different travel insurance companies specifically carry single trip travel insurance. Single trip travel insurance will provide compensation if your need emergency medical service or your trip is canceled. Travel insurance usually carries additional benefits such as compensation if your luggage is lost or damaged or legal assistance if needed. The benefits available with your travel insurance will vary from one company to another make sure you read your insurance agreement before leaving on vacation to know exactly what issues are covered. With single trip travel insurance you can rest assured that someone will be able to assist you in the event of an emergency during your vacation.

Before you purchase single trip travel insurance it is important to do your homework. The cost for single trip travel insurance will vary among companies you want. In order to find the best deal in single trip travel insurance it is recommended you research at least three different companies and compare their insurance benefits. Most companies will provide you an instant quote and benefit statement online, all you need to do is provide your travel dates and destinations. Some companies even provide a travel insurance benefit for children free as long as there is one paying adult over the age of 18.

Each insurance company’s plans will vary slightly but generally you should get at least $10,000 in emergency medical insurance and $3,000 for trip cancellations. Make sure that the amount of trip cancellation insurance you purchase will cover all your expenses in the event you need to cancel your vacation. The insurance company should also provide you with a period where you can cancel the insurance for a full refund, this is usually 15 days after you purchase the insurance. Generally you should purchase single trip travel insurance at the same time you book and pay for your trip but be cautious on expending the money right if you expect your travel plans to change.

Even for the most seasoned traveler things will go wrong. It may be a plane that can not take off due to an emergency, a lost suitcase, or a medical issue while visiting the outer regions of a remote island. Do not take the chance that you will be stranded without any assistance or money to take care of your medical issues. Single trip travel insurance is your best travel companion and with a little research very reasonably priced.

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