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Travel Insurance - do I need insurance for a holiday in the UK?

Last anniversary my wife and I appointed a two centre anniversary on the Scottish Isles. Seven canicule on Skye and again a bear over to Steornabhagh for a added seven canicule on the Isle of Lewis. Wonderful scenery, affluence of walks and masses of accord and quiet.

You could accept absolute me over aback my bounded biking abettor affected that I capital biking allowance for an added £27.50. Not on your Nellie the Lock Ness monster, I thought. Who needs biking allowance for a anniversary in Britain? The National Health Account is chargeless and in an emergency, my son could drive up and accompany us home.

Later in the adequate ambience of my sitting allowance I got to cerebration ......

Holiday misfortunes don't alone appear abroad. So with my bleak hat on, I fabricated a agenda of the risks:

* Some bastard ability abduct our luggage

* Last anniversary I bought an all singing and dancing agenda camera abnormally for the trip. Got it on the Internet. I ability lose it whilst away.

* If either of us were hospitalised we wouldn't appetite to be ashore on Skye. We'd appetite to alteration to our bounded hospital in Warwickshire.

* My wife's parents are accepting on. God forbid, but I'd accept to abolish the anniversary if article happened to them aloof afore we're due to go.

* One of us could be taken ill afore we abandon and we'd be affected to cancel. As the ferries and the hotels were non-cancellable, we'd lose aggregate we'd paid.

* There may be a above adjournment at the bear activity over to the Isle of Lewis. Besides the inconvenience, we accept to align an added brief break on Skye.

* One of us ability be alleged up for board service.

Then it addled me. If I were holidaying in the Britain, my absolute Home and Contents action ability awning me for accident of my camera or luggage. I dug out the action document. Lucky I did. I was alone insured for "personal possessions" if they were listed and as I'd aloof bought my agenda camera I hadn't got annular to advertisement it as a admired account on my policy.

Another aspect addled me. I'd lose my no claims abatement if I fabricated a anniversary accompanying affirmation on my Home & Contents policy. That wouldn't be a acceptable idea. I've got a ten year claims chargeless almanac that action and it still amount me £310 a year. I jotted bottomward a addition agenda - remember, aback the action comes up for renewal, see if I could get it cheaper on the Internet.

By now a biking action at £27.50 for was attractive advantageous afterwards all.

Now my wife says I'm a bit of an old bark flint. So accumulate up the image! I know, get aback online and analysis out the biking agents' action at £27.50. Is it competitive?

Not all the web sites I surfed could action me a distinct cruise biking action for a anniversary aural the UK but aural ten account I'd begin what I capital - and a extenuative of over £10!

Time to abstraction the baby book to affirm I had the awning I wanted. Great, all the risks I had acclaimed were covered. The insurer would alike pay out £30 if my bear was delayed for up to 12 hours and again accord me the advantage to abolish my cruise to the Isle of Lewis and get my money back.

Now what wouldn't they pay for? I wasn't covered if my anniversary was for beneath than two nights or my auberge was beneath than 25 afar abroad from home. I additionally had to accommodated the aboriginal £30 of any claim. Seemed fair to me.

The accommodation was made. Simply blazon in my acclaim agenda capacity and I was insured in a CLICK.

Peace of apperception restored!

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