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How and When to Cancel Insurance

Deciding to cancel your insurance is serious business, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Although different states and companies have differing policies on how to cancel an insurance policy, an insurance cancellation letter is always your safest bet. Few companies like loosing business, so some may make it a bit difficult to cancel your policy. A cancellation letter serves to cancel your policy and you can keep a copy for your records, in the event that the insurance company tries to give you a hard time.

You may be wondering; what exactly is an insurance cancellation letter? Luckily, there are sample insurance cancellation letters online. These examples will make sure that you give the pertinent information to the insurance company. The last thing you want to do is send a letter that doesn't actually cancel your insurance policy. Basing your letter on a good sample insurance cancellation letter works, because they usually display the common information that most insurance companies need to see. However, to be on the safe side, you should contact the insurance company to see if there is any additional information needed.

Sample insurance cancellation letters provide information such as, why you are deciding to cancel your policy, your address, the type of policy, policy number, and your signature. It is highly important that you sign the letter, preferably in blue or black ink. Sample insurance cancellation letters also ensures that you sound professional. People have a tendency to give too much personal information, without getting to the point. After you have typed or written your cancellation letter; you need to send it to the insurance company. If possible, send the letter by certified mail or fax it to the insurance company; so, you are sure that it was received by the insurance company. You may also want to call the company to verify that there is nothing else that you need to do.

Now, that you understand what an insurance cancellation letter is, and how to cancel your insurance. You need to consider when to cancel your insurance. Thanks to a few devastating national disasters, insurance has become a vital asset. So, you should cancel when you find comparable coverage at a competitive price. Another good reason to cancel insurance is if you discover that you are paying for coverage that you no longer need. For example, most people choose to cancel collision and/or comprehension on their auto insurance when their vehicle becomes more than 5 years old. The important thing to do before canceling your insurance is to make sure that you will be covered when things go wrong.

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Andrea said...
August 18, 2011 at 7:51 PM  

This is really a serious point but I know there are times when one has no option left and have to cancel the insurance. I am thankful to you for providing the appropriate information to carry this process smoothly. I will bookmark this post for future use. Thanks for sharing.
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