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Car Accident and Crash Procedures

What To Do in a Car Accident

Follow the below tips to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to correctly collect information that your car insurance company will need for your auto accident claim. A lawyer would also be a good source for proper car accident procedures!

Prepare in Advance.

It’s best to prepare in advance and become familiar with the laws and reporting requirements of the state in which you drive regularly. Some states require that you report accidents to the local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). Be sure to have an accident packet in your car. It should contain a pen, paper and accident report forms. Most Accident Report Forms are available online from your state DMV and most car insurance companies will also provide these forms.

When a car accident occurs do the following:

1. Remain calm and stop the car;

2. Shut off the engine and put parking brakes on;

3. Assist the injured. Call the police and EMT if anyone is injured or the vehicle is disabled;

4. Clear persons from the area if you smell gas or the car is on fire and call the fire department;

5. In a minor accident of property damage only, put hazard lights on and drive vehicles to the side or off the road to a safe location. Most police departments encourage parties to resolve minor fender bender situations without their help but will respond if the accident is on a public road;

6. Set up flares or reflective triangles in the rear and to the side of the car accident;

7. Exchange driver and car insurance information;

8. Get the names of the persons in the cars and potential witnesses’ name and address as soon as possible;

9. If an officer is called, and an accident report is written, ask when and where you can obtain a copy. Your car insurance company will ask to see a copy.

10. Contact your insurance company.

11. Possibly contact an attorney or lawyer.

Your car insurance company will need you to collect the following information at the scene:

1. Car information of the other parties;
Year, make, model and license plate number of the other car.

2. Driver information;
Name, address, phone number, driver’s date of birth, driver license number and state issued.

3. Vehicle owner information (if different from the driver);
Name, address, phone number of the vehicle owner. If the driver is not the owner of the car, be sure to obtain the car insurance information of the vehicle involved in the accident and not the driver’s own car.

4. Car Insurance information;
Car insurance company, insurance policy holder’s name, car insurance policy number, expiration date, and car insurance company address. If the other driver is uninsured, get as much information as you can and call the police for further instructions.

5. Witnesses;
Name, address, phone number.

6. Attending police officer’s name & business card;

7. Photos of the car accident if you have a camera at hand;

8. As soon as you can, write down details such as: time of the accident, weather conditions, visibility conditions, pavement conditions, sky lighting conditions, color of traffic lights, signs on the streets, approximate speed of the vehicles and sequence of events. Draw a sketch of the street and note the direction each person was driving as soon as you can. Write down description of the collective damage and each car’s damage, bodily injuries and property damage.

What NOT to do in a car accident:

Car insurance companies suggest that you do not talk about who is a fault with the other driver. Also do not admit fault or apologize.
You may give the officer an account of the circumstances and the accident but preferably not in the presence of other persons. No one may force you to give details of the accident or admit blame and you have the right to see your attorney before making any statements. If the accident is serious, consult your attorney as soon as possible.

Source : http://www.superiorcarinsurance.com
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Tee Chess said...
March 19, 2011 at 10:14 PM  

Just loved your post as you have shared so many good points that need to be remembered when someone faces an accident. I will remember all of them and will share them with all of my friends also as one can face this situation anytime.
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